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This sound machine and light combo helps baby sleep longer. It can even be managed through an app on your phone!

A gadget that literally shushes for you. It can be played fairly loud and close to the baby, and has 15 and 30 minute shut off timer to prevent it playing too long.

A sound machine with 20 non-looping fan and white noise options. This is one of our favorites and a must have for any nursery! 

This blanket is truly a miracle. It holds your baby’s arms tight down by their sides so their hands don’t wiggle out throughout the night. Recommend for baby's 8 weeks and older. 

A nightlight with a red light option for middle of the night  diaper changes and feedings. It’s portable, chargeable and the light can be dimmed to your preference.

A swaddle that is the best of both worlds. It keeps baby’s arms down tight by their sides while also offering an easy-to-use design. They’re warm and cozy with a wonderzip for easy diaper changes.

An easy one zip swaddle option. This is a PERFECT swaddle for a newborn baby so they can touch their hands to their lips and wake themselves up for a feed.

A great  “transitional swaddle” that allows arms to still have some freedom of movement within the sack. It's a quick and easy swaddle for parents who are intimidated by traditional swaddles.

If your nipples are sore after nursing then we recommend using a cream to heal and protect. This cream uses natural materials and is safe for your baby to ingest.

Little Unicorn blankets are the perfect size muslin blanket. They also hold up well in the wash, and have a million ADORABLE prints for any aesthetic. 

With a longer, more narrow nipple with a rounder end. It's made of natural rubber that is less toxic and parents love the modern color options

A product that works really well for tongue tied babies. They also have a vented design to promote airflow [and attach a paci clip to!] They have a glow in the dark option!

A bottle marketed as the “most natural way to feed” with an anti-colic nipple that reduces air getting to the baby.

Shaped like a breast, soft silicone to feel more natural to your baby when they grab it. It comes with a slow flow nipple with extra vents to prevent baby drinking air.

Our top choice bottle with a unique design to reduce gas, the wide-mouth size is often the recommended choice for breastfed babies. 

Our top choice bottle with a unique design to reduce gas, the narrow/standard size is accepted by most babies.

A tool that gently but manually extracts gas from the baby’s rectum. Keep this in your emergency box for when your baby is really fussy and nothing else is working.