online baby care classes

Online newborn care classes 

to understand and care for your baby

Online newborn care classes 

To understand and care for your baby

Baby Care Classes

There’s a lot to know when caring for your newborn in these first few months: preparing for baby, feeding, newborn care, soothing, baby development, sleep, and more. Our online newborn care class provides the education and guidance you can trust.

The Baby Care Classes series includes:

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preparing for baby

You will learn how to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare for all aspects of bringing your new baby home. From setting up key spaces, to learning how to swaddle your baby, minimize crying, and maximize sleep.

breastfeeding bottlefeeding class

feeding baby

Whether you plan on bottle feeding formula, breastfeeding, or pumping; we’ve got you covered. You’ll learn feeding tips and tricks, how to understand when your baby is hungry and full, and how to prepare, store, and clean properly.

baby gear class

Newborn care

We’ll teach you how to change your baby’s diaper and clothes, how to burp, hold and soothe them. We’ll also teach you how to efficiently and safely bathe your baby and cut their nails.

baby development classes

baby development

Learn as your baby grows! We’ll walk you through what to expect week-by-week for the first twelve weeks. You can anticipate learning about milestones, common experiences and how to interact and play with your baby.

infant sleep classes


We give you the tools to establish healthy, restorative sleep for the entire family. You’ll find an easy to follow system for how to have your baby sleeping to the best of their ability with the least amount of effort.

In addition to supporting individual approaches to parenting, we welcome all family structures. If you became a parent through surrogacy or adoption, if you are a single parent - either by choice or by circumstance, of you identify as LGBTG+, or if you don’t identify as a parent at all - we have tried to use language that is inclusive to anyone who chooses to watch these videos.

We are Kristin and Karina, founders of Baby Care Classes

As sleep Consultants, Newborn Care Specialists and overall baby gurus, we wanted to share our experience and knowledge with you to help you be successful in your parenting journey.

Your parenting journey should be joyful, and it can be....

*with expert guidance and information you can trust*


How to Set Up a Healthy and Safe Sleep Environment

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