online baby care classes for parents who want to be prepared

Feel 100% Confident with Your New Baby

online baby care classes

Feel 100% Confident with Your New Baby

Baby Care Classes

Are you tired of conflicting advice and opinions on how to care for your baby?

  • With so much information out there, it's hard to know who to trust.
  • You know baby care shouldn't be this complicated, but don't even know where to begin.
  • and... you really don't want to waste money on products & books you'll never use.

We teach you everything you need to know to feel prepared and confident caring for your baby.

Our online classes have been carefully curated to include all the key baby care skills you need to thrive as a new parent.

infant sleep classes

be a new parent who actually gets sleep

An easy-to-follow system to maximize your baby's sleep patterns safely and simply.

breastfeeding bottlefeeding class


Whether you plan on bottle-feeding formula, breastfeeding, or pumping; we’ve got you covered.

baby gear class


What to do when your baby cries, swaddling, diapers, bathing, burping, and yes, even how to cut their nails!

The honest, non-judgmental guidance you need.

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Parents are loving our classes!

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"I had a massive stack of baby care books on my bedside table and felt completely overwhelmed. Kristin & Karina broke baby care down into simple lessons that made all the difference for us as new parents."

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"These classes totally transformed how I felt when my baby was born a few months ago. I now recco it to all my pregnant friends. The best resource out there!"

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"I especially loved the sleep videos. Their guidance simply made sense, and helped us set up our baby for healthy sleep from day one. Our baby sleeps through the night, and we've known how to adapt as he grows.

3 Simple Steps to Become Confident New Parents


Choose the baby care classes you need. Sleep? Feeding? Swaddling? We've got you covered.


Watch in the comfort of home knowing you now have expert guidance you can trust. Press play again whenever you need a helpful reminder!


Relax. You've got this! You now have the skills you need to care for baby with confidence.

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Your parenting journey should be joyful, and it can be....

*with expert guidance and information you can trust*

We are Kristin and Karina, founders of Baby Care Classes

We know you want to do your very best for your baby. As Sleep Consultants, Newborn Care Specialists and overall baby gurus, we have supported over 1000 new families with guidance and hands-on support. Now, we get to bring our experience and knowledge into your living room, so you can welcome your new baby with confidence.

In addition to supporting individual approaches to parenting, we welcome all family structures. If you became a parent through surrogacy or adoption, if you are a single parent - either by choice or by circumstance, if you identify as LGBTQ+, or if you don’t identify as a parent at all - we have tried to use language that is inclusive to anyone who chooses our online baby care classes.


How to Set Up a Healthy and Safe Sleep Environment

Download a free video lesson from our Baby Care Class series and learn how to set your baby up for successful sleep from day one. Watch your inbox for a special bonus in a few days!